Altera Infrastructure has sealed a sale of its anchor-handling tug company ALP Maritime Group as it refocuses on its core segments.

The move of the supplier of infrastructure assets to the offshore energy Altera to proceed to the divestment of ALP Maritime Group B.V., together with all its subsidiaries (ALP), is part of Altera’s strategy to focus on its core segments, particularly the FPSO and shuttle tanker operations.

This move also paves the way for Altera’s investments in the Stella Maris CCS project, in support of the global energy transition.

“The sale of the class fleet of anchor handling tug (AHT) vessels also offers ALP further development opportunities under new and experienced ownership,” reads the statement of Altera.

Ingvild Sæther, president and chief executive of Altera Infrastructure Group, said: “The divestment of our towage segment is aligned with Altera’s strategy to own and operate critical infrastructure in the offshore energy sector and will allow us to focus more on our stable, medium and long-term contracts for our remaining assets and enable us to pursue exciting new opportunities in our developing CCS business, in particular following award of our first offshore carbon storage license in the Norwegian sector.”

Paul Mulder, chief executive of ALP, expressed gratitude towards Altera for their support, which was pivotal in ALP’s market leadership and success.

Paul Mulder, chief executive of ALP, noted: “I like to thank Altera for their continued support over the years. Together we have grown ALP to become the market leader in its field, performing over 350 projects while being under the umbrella of Altera. We are sure that these vessels and the crew sailing them will make next owners as proud as they have made us.”

Source: Altera Infrastructure Services PTE. Ltd.