Vroon buys livestock carrier ‘Friesian Express’ from Tsuneishi

Netherlands-based shipping company Vroon has made a vessel purchase as it targets expansion in core markets.

The owner which is active in multiple shipping segments said it has bought at the end of December the 2017-built Aurochs from Tsuneishi Group, the thirteenth livestock ship in its livestock fleet.

The vessel has been renamed as the Friesian Express and will be managed by Vroon’s Livestock Express team.

Purpose-built in 2017, a young livestock carrier operating in the global market, she has just departed from Australia on her maiden voyage under Vroon’s ownership.

The shipowner explains in a short statement that after “the successful completion of Vroon’s restructuring last year, the focus has now switched to strengthening, expanding and renewing the company’s presence in the markets where Vroon excels.”

Martijn Schouten, Vroon’s chief executive, said: “As an internationally renowned shipping company, Vroon’s goal is to build further on our solid base and decades of experience, focussing on what we do best – delivering operational excellence in niche markets. Together with our shareholders and lenders, we look forward to taking more such positive steps in the coming period.”

“Throughout the restructuring, our modern and well-maintained vessels have continued to provide safe and valued services to clients around the globe. Building on promising markets in all segments, we look forward to rolling out our strategy,” reads Vroon’s statement.