Austal Philippines delivered the 115-metre, high-speed vehicle-passenger ferry Express 5 to Molslinjen of Denmark. The new high-speed catamaran ferry is the largest ferry (by volume) constructed by any Austal shipyard, in the Australian company’s 35-year history.

During sea trials, the vessel achieved a top speed of 40 knots and bettered Class quality standards for noise and vibration in the passenger decks, with a quiet and smooth ride.

Express 5 has the capacity for 1,610 passengers, space for 450 cars (or 617 lane metres for trucks plus 257 cars) over 2 vehicle decks and an operating service speed of 37 knots.

The vessel is powered by an LNG-capable, medium-speed power plant that offers a powerful yet economic and environmentally friendly solution.

On board, passengers will enjoy leather appointed reclining seats with USB ports, Wi-Fi, a full bistro and bars, a children’s play area and multiple audio-visual screens.

It’s worth noting that Austal Philippines has delivered 21 vessels from the Balamban, Cebu shipyard in just 10 years.

The sleek looking 115-metre catamaran was designed by the same Austal Australia team who developed the original, signature raked-bow hull for Molslinjen’s Express 4 delivered in 2019. 

The new ferry includes Austal’s proprietary Motion Control and MARINELINK-Smart systems that help deliver a smoother journey for passengers and crew and a more efficient, better performing, ‘smart’ ship for operators, as Austal Philippines claims.