Pools giant Navig8 Group has a new partner for its eco MR tanker operation.

The large independent pool and commercial management company Navig8 Group has announced that Byzantine joins the Eco MR pool.

Specifically, Byzantine have committed the ship Katherine Lady to the eco MR Pool. The vessel, which was delivered in October 2023, brings the total number of eco MR vessels under Navig8’s management to 13.

The newly build ship Katherine Lady is of 49,999 dwt and was built in yard Hyundai Mipo. It was delivered to Navig8 management this month, increasing Navig8’s management to 13.

Since earlier this year Navig8 Group has expanded its MR pool portfolio with two vessels from DSD Shipping. The company DSD Shipping has committed a pair of its vessels, Stavanger Pioneer and Stavanger Poseidon, to the MR Pool. Both 49,999 dwt ships were built in Hyundai Vinashin and delivered in December 2022.

Furthermore, in May 2023, Navig8 Group announced that Navig8 Messi, Navig8 Montiel, Navig8 Martinez and Navig8 Macallister have joined the LR8 Pool.

In its product MR pool the 13 ships are the following in accordance with the latest information given in its website:

Ayoe a 49,861 dwt ship, Hellas Aphrodite a 49,992 dwt, Hellas Avatar a 49,997 dwt ship built in 2015, Hellas Calafia of 49,810 dwt built in 2018, Hellas Fighter of 49,997 dwt, Katherine Lady of 49,999 dwt, Hellas Margarita of 49,879 dwt built in 2017, Hellas Marianna of 49,834 dwt built in 2018, Hellas Nemesis of 49,994 dwt built in 2016, Hellas Revenger of 44,975 dwt built in 2016, Hellas Tatiana of 49,834 dwt built in 2017, Stavanger Pioneer of 50,000 dwt built in 2019, and Stavanger Poseidon of 49,999 dwt built in 2020.