Mv Cosco Shipping Green Ship no 1

Photo credit: COSCO Shipping (Wang Weizhou/Wen Zou)

The two newbuild 700 TEU electric container ships with building numbers N997 and N998 built by Yangzhou COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry for COSCO SHIPPING Development, were successfully named on December 28 in Yangzhou, China.

Ms. Jing Tao and Ms. Gu Cuihong named the N997 and N998 ships “COSCO SHIPPING Green Water 01” and “COSCO SHIPPING Green Water 02” and presented the usual champagne gifts to the new ships.

The world’s first 700 teu electric container ship project is a demonstration project for COSCO SHIPPING Group to practice the major national strategy on “carbon neutrality.”

It is also a demonstration project to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions of “conforming to the new trend of green, low-carbon and intelligent shipping industry development”.

The vessels have a total length of 119.8 meters, a width of 23.6 meters, and a maximum speed of 19.4 km/h.

Its total battery capacity is more than 50,000 kWh, which can be exchanged for battery life through box-type mobile power supply, which effectively solves the problems of long charging time, low loading capacity and short cruising range of traditional electric container ships.

After it is put into operation, it is estimated that a single ship can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,918 tons a year, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 2,035 family cars, or 160,000 trees planted by a single ship a year.

COSCO SHIPPING reports that the first ship “COSCO SHIPPING Green Water 01” is ready to sail and will be put into the Yangtze River shipping from Jiangsu to Shanghai in the near future.

The operation of the vessel will provide a reference for the construction of green waterways in China’s whole waters and will also further promote the development of China’s shipping industry in a greener, low-carbon and intelligent direction.