COSCO takes delivery of GreenKemi in Dalian

China´s COSCO Shipping Corp unit, COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers, has taken delivery on July 12 of the 68000 tons ice-class multipurpose pulp ship, in Dalian.

Mr. Huang Nan, general manager of COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers, and Zhang Weiwei, deputy general manager, has attended the ceremony alongside with her godmother, Ms. Xu Lihua, who named the new ship.

The vessel GREENKEMI ranks among the largest in the world with an overall length of 226.8 meters, a width of 32.26 meters, a depth of 19.3 meters, and a design speed of 14.8 knots.

Chinese shipping company noted the “GREENKEMI” is a multi-purpose pulp bow ship of 68000 tons, which has polar navigation capabilities, and can sail in open water and ice less than 80 cm.

The vessel also meets the requirements of the CCS B1 ice symbol and Class C polar certificate, in accordance with the company.

The ship deck is equipped with 4 single cranes, in addition to meet the pulp customer loading requirements, but also meet the requirements of large equipment loading super long overweight. The cargo holds are all box type, and the openings are all open type.

In COSCO´s plans is to expand its fleet portfolio with 68000 tons, 72000 tons, 77000 tons, 85000 tons and other series of multi-purpose pulp ships.

In recent years, COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers has actively entered the pulp transportation market, as in the company´s plans is to build a world-class pulp fleet.