Longship Group, a short-sea ship operator and logistics company founded in 2009 with roots in Norway and the Netherlands, has entered into a joint newbuilding project together with Norwegian-based Wagle Chartering AS, for two “GS Eco-Freighter 3700” to be built by Dutch shipbuilder GS Yard BV in Waterhuizen.

The two general cargo ships, which will be delivered in the second quarter of this year, have a single open top box shaped hold of about 181,000 cbft intake, and are equipped with two bulkheads that can also be used as tweendecks.

The two newbuilding’s are fitted for grain, timber, project cargoes and are driven by an IMO Tier III compliant Mitsubishi S12R engine with an output of 749 kW, giving a low consumption.

The vessels will fly the Dutch flag and be named “Longsun” and “Longsky”, with the eco-friendly design contributing to the Longship Group’s commitment to renew and to optimise the fleet, improving at the same time the environmental impact and carbon footprint, as the company claims.

Meanwhile, Wagle Chartering is assigned with the commercial operation of the newbuilding’s, and Longship Management BV will take care of the technical and crew management.