Greek Shipyard Delivers in Record Time Large Panamax Tank

In record time, one of the largest Panamax drydocks in ONEX-owned Elefsina Shipyards, in southern Greece, is delivered back for use.

ONEX Shipyards & Technologies Group, under the Chairman and CEO of the Group, Mr. Panos Xenokostas, completed in record time the reconstruction and upgrade of the No.2 Panamax class drydock of Elefsina Shipyards, one of the largest shipyards in Greece.

With this reconstruction and upgrade, ONEX Shipyards are delivering once again into operation one of the shipyards’ most important assets in order to provide upgraded and quality services to the Greek merchant fleet and Greek shipowners.

The No2 Panamax drydock of the Elefsina Shipyards is named “Stratis G. Andreadis” honoring the memory of the founder of the shipyards, as the Greek media report. 

It’s worth noting that the dock has already welcomed the first ship for maintenance works, which is the 31st ship welcomed by Elefsina Shipyards after their reopening by Mr. Panos Xenokostas.

Following the modernization of the panamax drydock in ONEX-owned Neorion Shipyards, in Syros island, the two shipyards will operate as one of the largest shipyards in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Panamax drydock in Elefsina Shipyards is the most modern drydock in Greece, with a smart management system.

The entire drydock was computerized with modern systems and allows the full range of maintenance work on the ship’s reef, as well as propulsion systems.

The drydock can accommodate panamax size ships (a panamax ship cannot be larger than 294.13 m in length, 32.31 m in width and 12.04 m in draught. The average carrying capacity of these ships is 65,000 tons).

It is worth mentioning that this drydock had been classified as scrap and was ready to sink, constituting a key business bet for the ONEX Group to save it and restore it as quickly as possible.