Update: The major fire at the Lürssen-Kröger shipyard has been extinguished since this morning. On Tuesday morning, a shipbuilding hall had caught fire. Many firefighters were on duty yesterday and today on the premises of the shipyard. According to various reports, in the evening the fire was under control.

A fire was reported yesterday at a shipyard which specializes in the construction of yachts. The Lürssen-Kröger shipyard is known for building yachts, among other things.

“A shipbuilding hall at the Lürssen shipyard is burning in Schacht-Audorf near Rendsburg, Germany,” Hamburg-based radio and television broadcaster NDR said yesterday, giving updates on the incident.

Numerous emergency services are on site, and ships are supporting the fire-fighting operations from the Kiel-Canal side.

“The fire is under control,” said NDR in a new update yesterday.

According to the NDR, citing information from the fire service, a shipbuilding hall is completely ablaze. More than 200 emergency services are on site, and more have been requested.

Eyewitnesses reported that black smoke seen from miles.

“The fire brigade estimates that the operation will last into the night,” reported yesterday NDR.

The fire brigade is reportedly trying to cool the hall walls from the outside in order to reduce the temperature inside the hall.

According to a fire brigade spokesman, the attempt to extinguish the fire from the inside had to be abandoned because parts of the hall were in danger of collapsing.

NDR reported, citing information from the police, that a tugboat is ready on the Kiel Canal to cool with water if necessary. A Kiel Canal ferry with a water cannon will also support the fire brigade’s emergency services, however the Kiel Canal is not closed to shipping.

The shipyard site and parts of Schacht-Audorf are being evacuated over a wide area, according to the police.

As a precaution, two rescue helicopters with emergency doctors were also sent to the Lürssen shipyard.

Residents in the Hüttenstrasse area near the shipyard were asked yesterday to keep windows and doors closed and to turn off ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Video credit: Saturn Aps