Hvide Sande Shipyard

Danish shipbuilder Hvide Sande Shipyard announce in their social media, that it has been entrusted with the construction of a 4 MWh electric ferry for Norway’s largest privately owned ferry company Torghatten.

This order marks the 20th passenger vessel, and the largest Hvide Sande Shipyard ever has built as the company informs.

The design of the NSD 30CFc is the work of The Norwegian Ship Design Company, who will also be doing both the basic and detail design.

Marius Hansen, CEO of Torghatten Nord AS, says that “It is important to develop and strengthen competence in new and environmentally friendly ship technology in Scandinavia. We are therefore very pleased to have landed this contract with a Danish shipyard.”

He adds that “With a 50-meter length and the capacity to carry 30 cars and 149 passengers, this all-electric ferry represents another leap forward in eco-friendly transportation in the Nordic region. The ferry is set to navigate the waters near Tromsø, above the Arctic Circle.

With 9 newbuildings featuring advanced propulsion systems like electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and methanol, we are passionate about transition of the industry to a greener future.”

Source: Hvide Sande Shipyard