Hamburg-based John T. Essberger Group of Companies has just received its third chemical tanker in a series of four newbuildings, according to a post on LinkedIn.

The tanker operator took delivery on January 3 the 6600 dwt duplex stainless steel dual-fuel ship Eberhart Essberger.

“We would like to thank everyone involved, especially the shipyard site team, for their excellent work over the past few months and wish her and her crew safe sailing in the future,” the company reported.

Last month the group christened its first of four newbuilt vessels, the Liselotte Essberger. It was an event filled with tradition and anticipation for the incredible voyages ahead.

The tanker specialist claims that “this future proof vessel with industry leading energy efficiency is setting new standards for the European short-sea trade.”

The chemical tanker Liselotte Essberger is the first of a total of four newbuildings, all equipped with dual-fuel engines.

The second newbuild, which was launched on June 5, was the John T. Essberger, also equipped with LNG dual-fuel engines.

The history of the privately owned John T. Essberger Group of Companies dates back to the year 1924 when the former imperial navy officer, commander John Theodor Essberger, established himself as a tanker shipowner in Hamburg, Germany.

Today the company, which has meanwhile become highly diversified, is managed in the third generation by the Essberger/von Rantzau family.

John T. Essberger, an operator of parcel tankers, and Stolt Tankers entered into a joint venture, E&S Tankers in 2021 to operate 45 parcel tankers ranging in size from 2,800 to 11,300 deadweight tonnes, trading in Europe and in particular within the Baltic, Mediterranean and Northwest Europe.