Western Baltija Shipbuilding, in cooperation wih Baltic Workboats, will build a fully electric waste collection tanker for the Port of Klaipeda in Lithuania.

Construction is set to begin in the fall of 2023 and the project is expected to take 24 months, with delivery scheduled for the summer of 2025.

The 42-m long and 10-m wide tanker will carry up to 400 m3 of liquid waste. The vessel will have a fully electric propulsion system with 2000 kWh of batteries installed on board, meaning she can sail at 8 knots, continuously for 8 hours without charging.

Furthermore, the new vessel will be rigged with automation devices and technologies to support her efficient operation by a three-member crew while ensuring power consumption and operational profile optimization.    

Once Western Baltic Engineering has developed a basic and detailed design, Lithuania-based Western Baltija Shipbuilding will build a hull and install most auxiliary systems.

Baltic Workboats will design and install electric propulsion and control solutions including battery packs with power management system, as well as navigation and automation systems and will complete the outfitting of the interior accommodation areas.