Polish shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., being a part of Remontowa Holding S.A. capital group, has signed a shipbuilding contract with one of Norway’s largest ferry operators Torghatten Nord AS to construct a new hybrid-powered passenger-car ferry.

The Gdansk-based shipyard will build a fully equipped, double-ended ferry for up to 149 passengers/crew, 50 cars or 6 trailers to navigate the Norwegian fjords and to operate the Stornes-Bjørnerå connection.

The ferry, with a newbuilding number of B 620 with planned delivery for the first quarter of 2026, will be fitted with two azimuth thrusters with vertically mounted electric motors powered either by batteries or, in case of emergency, by generating sets.

Normally, the batteries will be recharged from the shore grid during unloading/loading as this will occur relatively frequently, as a single vessel transit will take no more than 12 minutes.

The Norwegian Ship Design Company AS designed the ferry and supported in the scope of workshop documentation by Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting of the Remontowa Holding group.

For Torghatten Nord, the Remontowa Shipbuilding, built eight ferries between 2011 and 2013, including four LNG-powered ones.

By winning the contract for the ninth ferry for this shipowner, the shipyard has joined the efforts to electrify its fleet, and implement green technologies in Norwegian public transport.