Mv Narrative residential ship

USA based Storylines, who is creating an environmentally sustainable ocean residential community, has renewed a shipbuilding contract with Brodosplit shipyard based in Split, Croatia, to construct the world’s first environmentally sustainable private residence ship.

The vessel named “Narrative” will stand as a testament to combining luxury living and environmental responsibility.

The vessel will be 778 feet (233 meters) and accommodate 531 private residences, using liquid natural gas (LNG) propulsion, positioning it as a trailblazer in sustainable maritime transportation.

Unlike traditional cruise ships, “Narrative” is purpose-built for residential life at sea, offering a diverse array of amenities and facilities.

From a post office and school to a solar-powered hydroponic garden and waterfront marina, the ship fosters a sense of community and self-sufficiency. Notably, it features the largest wellness center at sea, encompassing a 10,000-square-foot area dedicated to spa treatments, fitness and holistic health services.

Alister Punton, CEO of Storylines, explains that: “The shipbuilding contract was renewed as a necessity due to the enormous change in global circumstances, which have affected commercial and technical supply chains affecting the finances of the project.”

Tomislav Debeljak, Brodosplit’s president of the board, said: “Since the last contract, a lot of work has been completed for the ship’s design in preparation for the construction. The technical teams from both sides have worked together intensively with external experts in the fields of hydrodynamics, noise and vibration; also with experts of main equipment suppliers and Lloyd’s Register classification society.

“Today, we have a vessel with design-implemented improvements concerning sustainability, cyber security, propulsion & drive, etc. We have an eco-friendly vessel of optimal performance in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.”

Source: Brodosplit

Video credit: Brodosplit