Danish headquartered towage provider Svitzer has sealed a deal with Brazilian shipyard Rio Maguari for the construction of three new tugboats.

The three tugboats currently under construction are part of the 2300 Rampart series and boast a top speed of 13 knots, an overall length of 23.2 meters, and a bollard pull of >70 tonnes.

“These tugboats are designed to handle the increasing complexity and volume of Brazil’s maritime operations and will enhance our operational capacity across various Brazilian ports,” said Arjen van Dijk, managing director for Svitzer Americas.

The vessels will be equipped with Fifi-1 firefighting capabilities. The aim is to support the growing capacity of various Brazilian ports.

The construction of these three new tugboats by Belém-based shipyard Rio Maguari cements Svitzer’s commitment to leveraging local expertise and resources by supporting the Brazilian shipbuilding industry and the jobs that this generates.

Svitzer states that this collaboration ensures that the new vessels will be built to the highest standards, ready to cope with the challenges of Brazil’s dynamic maritime industry.

“With the number of ports increasing, and new terminals under construction, the expansion of our fleet with these tugboats reflects our dedication to supporting the evolving needs of Brazilian ports. We see continuous growth opportunities in the country, and this investment positions us to continue meeting new demands effectively,” noted Daniel Reedtz Cohen, managing director of Svitzer Brazil.