Netherlands-based Tune Chemical Tankers, a tanker operator specializing in the carriage of petroleum, chemicals and vegetable oil, is renewing its fleet with eco-friendly vessels, as it has agreed with Türkiye’s Tersan Shipyard to construct up to four methanol-powered chemical tankers.

It has picked Tersan Shipyard to build these “state of the art” 16,000-dwt vessels, with an eco-friendly design.

The first delivery of these ships is scheduled for 2025, but no price has been revealed.

The new tailor-made vessels, with a capacity of 16,000 deadweight, will be powered by methanol, making them environmentally friendly and paving the way for sustainable shipping solutions.

“Designed with precision, these stainless steel oil/chemical tankers boast an Ice Class rating, ensuring safe navigation through challenging environments. Their eco-friendly design aligns perfectly with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the oceans,” says Tune Chemical Tankers in a post in social media.

Conforming Ice-Class regulations, ensuring safe navigation and designed by Norden Ship Design House, these eco-friendly vessels, says the shipyard Tersan, “support perfectly to our commitment on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.”

It’s worth mentioning that Tersan Shipyard is known for their craftsmanship and expertise in shipbuilding, becoming one of the leading players in Türkiye as well as in Europe.