Swedish based Wallenius Marine AB has announced in its social media that Mv “Future Way”, the first of two vessels designed in co-operation with Danish ship designer Knud E. Hansen for Wallenius Marine AB, has now been delivered from CIMC Raffles Shipyard in Longkou, China.

In 2021 Wallenius Marine and Volkswagen entered a partnership and signed a contract for two multi-fuel PCTC vessels with the ability to carry 6,500 cars each.

The first one Mv “Future Way” is now delivered to Wallenius Lines and will be long-term chartered to the VW Group and will be followed by the sister ship “Way Forward” in a few months with Wallenius Marine being responsible for the ship management.

There are many features that will reduce the environmental footprint so as no need to carry any ballast water when fully loaded.

The 200 m long and 37 m wide vessel is powered by a dual fuel main engine and features an aerodynamically optimized bow that reduces wind resistance.

The vessels also have a center ramp arrangement for efficient cargo handling and E/R height. The structure has been optimized for the intended trade which makes the total weight even lower, and lower weight means lower fuel consumption.

Johan Mattsson, CEO of Wallenius Marine, says that “This is a big step towards our vision to lead the way towards truly sustainable shipping.”

Source: Wallenius Marine