Wallenius Wilhelmsen firms up order for methanol-capable and ammonia-ready newbuilds

Norway’s car carrier operator Wallenius Wilhelmsen has brought its newbuilding tally to 12, with deliveries starting from mid-2026.

The car carrier operator said on Friday that it declared options to build four more Shaper Class 9,300-ceu vessels at China Merchants Jingling Shipyard.

The declared options are the new options secured on March 25, with earlier delivery per stock exchange notice on the same date.

The shipowner now holds firm contracts for a total of twelve vessels, with deliveries starting from mid-2026.

The delivery for the latest four vessels will take place in late 2027/early 2028. Additionally, the company hold options for four more vessels.

“The company emphasizes that the options secured on March 25 do not necessarily indicate an increased ambition for the current newbuilding program compared to what was announced in our initial stock exchange release dated August 15, 2023,” Wallenius Wilhelmsen said in a stock notice.

The shipowner operates around 125 vessels servicing 15 trade routes to six continents, a global inland distribution network, 66 processing centers, and eight marine terminals.