James Fisher christens second LNG dual-fuel chemical tanker

Marine engineering solutions provider James Fisher and Sons plc (James Fisher) has christened its latest LNG dual-fuel 6,000 dwt chemical tanker Lady Maria Fisher at the Port of Sunderland, England.

This follows the addition of her sister vessel Sir John Fisher to the fleet in November 2022, which has been built with the same specifications by China Merchants Jinling (CMJL) shipyard.

The two vessels incorporate innovations in design and construction technology to further enhance hydrodynamic performance, to improve operational efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Each vessel is capable of achieving a 45% reduction in carbon emissions, in addition to a 93 percent reduction in NOx and 45 percent reduction in SOx.

Since entering service in 2023 Sir John Fisher and Lady Maria Fisher have primarily serviced the long-time customer P66 with plans for work around the coastline of Northern Europe.

Jean Vernet, chief executive of James Fisher, said: “With over 175 years of rich history in maritime, we’re ideally positioned to introduce new and innovative solutions for a more sustainable future – and this vessel is no different.

“Reducing carbon emissions across the transportation sector is critically important if we are to meet the needs of a low carbon future. Our continued investment in developing the fleet of the future signals James Fisher’s firm company commitment to achieving those targets.”

Krystyna Tsochlas, head of maritime transport at James Fisher, noted: “The official naming of the Lady Maria Fisher today stands as a testament to the dedication and collaboration of our fantastic colleagues and industry partners. This journey has not been without its challenges, including the construction and commissioning delivered safely throughout the COVID-19 epidemic.”