Tankers International, a large shipping pool for VLCCs, announced that Transportation Recovery Fund (TRF) operated vessel TRF Horten has joined its specialist VLCC Scrubber Pool.

The 297,638 dwt TRF Horten, built in 2018, was delivered to Tankers International on 4th June. The total size of the Tankers International fleet now stands at 65 VLCCs, and the specialist Scrubber Pool has increased in size to 37 vessels.

The addition of the TRF Horten has reduced the average age for the scrubber pool to seven years, in contrast to the industry average of 10.7 years.

The TRF Horten’s addition is a part of Tankers International’s goal to replace old and less efficient tonnage with modern and cleaner vessels.

The shipping pool with 19 ships in its fleet portfolio in the chemical and crude segment says that “TRF will benefit from a transparent and cost-effective solution to maximise earnings in the spot market through Tankers International’s powerful economies of scale and unparalleled access to relationships and cargoes.”

It also claims that TRF will “benefit from more streamlined operations, consistent cash flow and high-level information sharing associated with Tankers International’s pooling model.”

Charlie Grey, CEO of Tankers International, said that ”the addition of the TRF Horten further improves our pool’s unrivalled strength and depth, delivering clear benefits for TRF and our other Pool partners”.

”It also represents an exciting opportunity for us to develop a closer relationship with TRF, which offers value to the pool with its knowledge, experience, and expertise. TRF’s decision to join the pool is a statement of trust in the pool’s ability to adapt to changing markets and ensure that all partners are optimised for the future”, Grey noted.