UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s hard work for keeping people safe along the coast and out at sea, is presented on brand-new British TV series ”COASTGUARD”, which starts on Sunday 2 July at 9pm local time on Channel 5.

For over 10 months, the cameras recorded the crucial work of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency personnel, from checking the safety of vessels, protecting the marine environment, investigating significant breaches of maritime legislation to challenging rescues where every second counts.

In the first episode of the six-part series, the TV camera follows Senior Investigator Mark as he is alerted to an incident on the River Mersey where a crew member of a tug boat has sadly died.

Meanwhile, in Shetland Islands, a Mayday call is picked up from a sinking fishing vessel and on the south coast in Dorset, Coastguard Rescue Teams and a Coastguard helicopter are sent to an elderly man who finds himself in serious danger after getting stuck in the mud.

The fixed wing aircraft spots a fisherman putting himself in danger, much to the dismay of the vessel’s skipper.