Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) has launched and christened the ferry Long Island in Panama City, Fla. The newly built vessel was christened by Rosemary McAllister, as it is reported by the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company in the social media.

The ferry will operate between Bridgeport, Conn., and Port Jefferson, N.Y., traversing the Long Island Sound, in accordance with various media outlets.

The McAllister Towing team and the vessel’s designer, captain, and crew welcomed the brand-new ferry to the yard for christening and launch in Florida, before heading to the Port Jefferson.

“This launch is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team at Eastern Shipbuilding Group,” ESG chief executive and chairman Joey D’Isernia said.

“We are honored to partner with our friends at McAllister Towing and contribute to enhancing the transportation infrastructure for the residents and tourists of Long Island.”

The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company reported the “transit across Long Island Sound for hundreds of thousands of passengers and cars every year,” an addition which will upgrade and expand the service, as it is said.

To remind, McAllister owns and operates the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, established in 1883, that presently runs three passenger-car ferries, the Grand Republic, Park City and P.T. Barnum, each capable of carrying 1,000 passengers and 100 automobiles, between Bridgeport CT, and Port Jefferson NY.

Meanwhile, McAllister Towing operates a fleet of more than 60 tugboats, crew boats, and barges in 13 locations along the U.S. East Coast from Eastport, ME to San Juan, PR.

Buck McAllister, president of the ferry company, said “P.T. Barnum, the founder of the ferry, once said that the noblest art is that of making others happy. All of those who have worked to make the ferry service what it is today can be very proud of their role helping drivers on the I-95 and Long Island Expressway.

“Eastern Shipbuilding has provided our company with over a dozen high quality vessels and transformed the maritime services we can offer. We are very thankful to Eastern Shipbuilding and the D’Isernia family for the happiness this new vessel will bring to our employees and customers for generations to come.”