The Ukrainian defence ministry said a special unit called Group 13 attacked the patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, “Sergei Kotov,” worth $65 million. It also released a video of the attack on the Russian warship “Sergei Kotov”.

As a result of the attack by Magura V5 naval drones, the Russian ship of project 22160, “Sergei Kotov,” suffered damage to the stern, right, and left sides, in accordance with the ministry.

“Another bad day for the Russian Black Sea fleet,” it said in a short statement in the social media.

The Ukrainian military intelligence said a special unit called Group 13 had fired Magura V5 maritime drones at the Sergey Kotov near the Kerch Strait.

Meanwhile, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy shared a video on his X page.

In his message the Ukraine president stated that “Today, I would like to thank all of our warriors and units who are restoring security and Ukraine’s control over our skies and the Black Sea.

“Ukraine has already proven its capabilities and strength. The number of destroyed Russian aircraft, as well as our warriors’ achievements against the Russian fleet, serve as proof of this.

“There are no safe harbors for Russian terrorists in the Black Sea. And there will be none. Just as there will be no safe space in the skies for them if Ukraine has sufficient strength. This refers to both partner deliveries and domestic manufacturing.”

Video credit: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine