Saudi-Arabian King Abdullah Port, the first privately owned, developed and operated port in the Middle East, has announced a strategic partnership with Western Fuel Supply for Petroleum Products Company Limited and Minerva Bunkering for providing marine fuel services in the port.

The port mentions that this alliance marks a new chapter in the growth of King Abdullah Port’s maritime services to every vessel that visits the port.

“The provision of bunker supplies at King Abdullah Port is not just an added service; it’s a significant stride in our continuous effort to enhance customers’ value. This move aligns seamlessly with our unwavering commitment to expand our maritime services spectrum and reinforces our dedication to serving our customers better each day,” Mr. Jay New, the CEO of King Abdullah Port, states to this strategic alliance.

In the World Bank’s 2022 Report King Abdullah Port is recognized as the most efficient port worldwide. It occupies an area of 17.4 km2 and is in proximity to the cities of Jeddah, Holy Mecca, Medina and Yanbu. Once completed, the port will be equipped to handle 25 million TEU, 25 million tons of bulk cargo, as well as 1.5 million CEU annually according to the port’s master development plan.

Video credit: King Abdullah Port