Ukraine Exported 22M tonnes of cargo Via Black Sea Corridor

Ukraine has already exported more than 22 million tonnes of cargo since the creation of a temporary sea corridor, known as Ukrainian corridor, six months ago. Since August, more than 700 vessels have used it.

The result can be higher in case of the modernization and development of the ports and infrastructure including auto and rail ways, Ukraine’s infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said on Sunday.

According to Kubrakov, the passage comes from three ports of Odessa – “Chernomorska”, “Odessa” and “South”, were once again attacked by Russian drones. The attack damaged transshipment infrastructure and destroyed grain.

“They were again attacked by Russian drones. Unfortunately, we have infrastructure damage for the pass and destroyed grain,” he added.

In total, since July 18 (the last day of operation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative), almost 200 port infrastructure objects have been damaged as a result of Russian attacks on Ukrainian seaports and more than 26 civilians have been injured.

As it was reported by Kubrakov few days ago another vessel was on its way to Ukrainian sea ports using the Ukrainian corridor.

“The vessel Sky Gate with 25K tons of Ukrainian humanitarian wheat for Nigeria is heading through the corridor. This is the first bulk carrier with humanitarian wheat of the UN, World Food Programme (WFP), as part of the Grain from Ukraine Zelenskyy program, that goes through the corridor,” he said.

Kyiv established the corridor to allow the shipping of critical commodities, especially grains, from its ports after Moscow in July pulled out the United Nations-backed Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov said he was “grateful” to Ukraine’s international partners “for ensuring the operation of the Corridor in conditions of military aggression”.