Pori port in Finland

Political strikes continue in Finland, protesting the labour market policies and social security cuts. Finland is bracing for a wave of political strikes orchestrated by unions, targeting key sectors across the nation.

As it is reported by local media, the action will see significant disruptions, notably in early childhood education and care, railway services, and local transportation in major cities, alongside a halt in electricity production at several power plants.

The Finnish Transport Workers’ Union, AKT, has announced a strike on 14-17 February which will also include the stevedoring activities. It will cover all port operations in Finnish ports, including unloading, loading, receipt and release of units.

The poltical strike will start on Wednesday 14 February at 06:00 and end Saturday 17 February at 06:00.

The strike affects bus services and closes ports, as AKT warns, and around 10,000 workers in total will be affected by the strike.

Altogether around 10,000 AKT members are expected to take part in the strike.

According to the union’s calculations, the unemployment benefit for someone earning 3,000 euros a month will drop by 346 euros after two months and by 432 euros after eight months.

The stevedores will take part in the strikes, which will in practice bring port operations to a standstill.

Bus drivers and transport maintenance staff will also strike on 14.-15.2.2024. AKT opposes the Finnish government’s plans to weaken employee rights and demands the government open meaningful negotiations.

The work stoppages are a protest against the significant and long-term weakening of working life by the Orpo government, as it is claimed.