Photo credit: Capital-Executive Ship Management

Piraeus-based Capital-Executive Ship Management took delivery of the newbuilding container vessel ‘Itajai Express’ from Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, South Korea. The newbuild is a 13,300 TEU vessel with a carrying capacity of 2,220 refrigerated containers, the largest in the world, as the company says today. 

The company announced that in the container vessel are applying cutting edge technologies aimed at reducing the vessel’s environmental footprint. As it is furthermore mentioned, the ship ‘Itajai Express’ combines enhanced ‘green’ features, which result into more than 35% lower energy consumption, reduced carbon emissions, and more than 85% reduction of certain harmful emissions (NOx & SOx), compared to older container vessels of similar capacity.

“The vessel will operate to the highest operational environmental standards, including full compliance with IMO’s EEDI Phase 3, with the ability to run on Tier III mode, together with the hybrid scrubber that is installed. The vessel is also dual fuel LNG ready, and has a full alternative maritime power system installed, also known as ‘’cold ironing,” as Capital-Executive Ship Management explains.

Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp. currently operates a fleet of 39 vessels including 35 container carriers and 4 modern bulk carriers, with a total deadweight of 2.78 million tons, and total teu of 167,153 approximately.