Hamburg Süd chief executive departs after successful completion of the Hamburg Süd brand integration into Maersk.

Poul Hestbæk chief executive of Hamburg Süd departs on Thursday 31 of August.

“My responsibility for overseeing the successful completion of the Hamburg Süd brand integration into Maersk is reaching its conclusion. As a result, I will be leaving Maersk by August 31st,” says departing chief executive Poul Hestbæk.

Shipping Telegraph reported in January that Hamburg Süd, one of the world’s ten leading container liner shipping brands, will transition to a single, unified brand under Maersk.

The company with its sister brands of Sealand and Twill, as well as newer members of the Maersk Family, intend to transition to a single, unified brand under Maersk, as Hamburg Süd said to its customers earlier this year.

“We are on a path to become A.P. Moller – Maersk”, the container liner said in the social media two weeks ago.

Through a short statement in the social media Poul Hestbæk announces his departure and expresses his appreciation for the incredible journey he had during the past two decades at Hamburg Süd.

“I consider myself very privileged and fortunate to have had the opportunity to contribute to our customers’ achievements and empower my colleagues, both during the Hamburg Süd era and later as part of the Maersk family. The spirit of collaboration and the sense of unity that have underpinned our efforts have truly made this journey special,” he said.

Poul Hestbæk noted that the past five years have been particularly inspiring, as he had “the privilege of working alongside an amazing team at Maersk” as he characteristically mentioned.

“While my path may be leading me in a new direction, the connections, and lessons I have learned will remain with me. I look forward to staying in touch and witnessing the continued success and growth of Maersk,” he added.