The world’s first green methanol fueled container ship has bunkered in the Port of Rotterdam, taking on OCI HyFuels green methanol for the final leg of its maiden voyage, methanol producer OCI Global said on Tuesday.

The container Maersk-owned ship began its journey to Copenhagen, having sailed along one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, from Korea, via Singapore and the Suez Canal before reaching Europe.

The green methanol bunkering in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port and ship-refuelling hub, was the final stop on the ship’s maiden voyage before it reaches home in Copenhagen.

The entire voyage is powered by green methanol with the support of OCI Global and its renewable and low carbon fuels brand, OCI HyFuels.

“It has worked with partners across the value chain to exclusively supply this world-first green methanol powered containership throughout its maiden voyage,” the methanol producer said.

OCI Global operates the port of Rotterdam’s only ammonia import terminal, which it is in the process of expanding to triple its throughput capacity, in anticipation of growing demand for ammonia as cleaner fuel for hard-to-abate sectors, including as a future marine fuel.

Earlier this year, OCI also announced its partnership with Unibarge to develop the world’s first dual-fueled bunker barge powered by green methanol, which will be deployed at the port of Rotterdam next year.