Mayview Maersk lost goods

The World Shipping Council (WSC) has released its annual report on containers lost at sea, showing a significant decrease to 221 containers lost in 2023.

While this is the lowest number recorded since the survey began in 2008, the WSC underscores the ongoing need for stringent safety measures and constant vigilance, as every container lost at sea is one too many.

WSC states that 221 containers were lost at sea in 2023 out of 250 million containers transported, a reduction from the previous lowest-ever loss of 661 containers in 2022.

About 33% of the 221 lost containers were recovered as per WSC.

Despite these improvements, the WSC stresses that the industry cannot become complacent. The progress made in 2023 is encouraging, but it highlights the continuous need for dedication to safety protocols and preventive measures.

John Butler, CEO of the World Shipping Council, says that “The reduction in containers lost at sea in 2023 is a positive development, but it does not diminish the urgency of our work. Every container lost at sea represents a potential hazard, and our commitment to preventing these incidents must be unwavering.”

Source: World Shipping Council