Klaveness and Marubeni explore bulker expansion after volatile 2023

Marubeni and Klaveness Dry Bulk aim to broaden the partnership base exploring new avenues in earnings management, vessel investment, and change management initiatives.

The two partners Torvald Klaveness and Marubeni Corp have outlined growth plans for this year after what they called an extremely volatile 2023.

Marubeni invested in June 2023 a 25% stake in the business Klaveness Dry Bulk.

The two sides now aim to build “on continuous strong results for the operator business, strategically expand MaruKlav (the earning management vehicle) and leverage digital tools on the Market Manager platform to consistently support a strong base margin model.”

To remind, MaruKlav Management Inc. in 2020 was forged as a joint venture between Marubeni Corporation and Klaveness AS.

The partners now promise growth in vessel investment and earnings management for 2024.

Since becoming 25% owners in Klaveness Dry Bulk, Marubeni have now taken Market Manager into their own shipping department. Market Manager is the data-driven freight decision-making tool developed by Klaveness Dry Bulk.

Michael Jørgensen, head of dry bulk, said: “With Marubeni onboard as a key strategic partner, Klaveness Dry Bulk is now eyeing further expansion in 2024.

“Our efforts to deliver consistency and strong results over time through the timing of freight decisions, smart vessel selection, and active meaningful differentiation towards our cargo clients is clearly paying off. 2023 saw extreme market volatility, but disciplined position management paired with consistency in our commercial and operational performance continues to bring us forward.”