Lomar Shipping, a subsidiary of privately-owned global business group Libra Group, has struck another refinancing deal with Australia’s Macquarie Group.

The London-based company said it will draw on a $30m credit facility linked to three dry bulk carriers. The company didn’t disclose the name of the ships.

To remind, the fleet portfolio of Lomar includes six bulk carriers built between 2008 and 2014.

The deal, which was the fourth credit facility with Macquarie, will see the refinancing of three bulk carriers.

“We are delighted to announce the agreement of a $30 million credit facility with Macquarie Group for the refinancing of three dry bulk carriers in our portfolio. This is our fourth credit facility with Macquarie,” said the company in a short statement.

The previous deals included a $37.5m credit facility for up to six vessels in its diverse fleet and a $86m loan facility for the refinancing of several vessels in its tanker portfolio, following the acquisition of the Carl Büttner Group.

Lomar had also previously secured a $27.5m credit facility with Macquarie Group to refinance two vessels that were part of its $1-billion newbuilding investment program of more than 40 vessels placed between 2012-2016.