Preem hires Sirius tanker pair to transport renewable fuels, feedstock

Sweden’s fuel company Preem Shipping has agreed with Swedish product/chemical tankers specialist Sirius Shipping, founded by the Backman family, to charter two of their ‘future-proof tankers’ – as called characteristically by Sirius – on time charter for the transport of renewable fuels and feedstock.

As informed, the two new-build sister vessels will be long-term chartered by Preem to mainly distribute finished products but also to be able to supply the refineries with renewable feedstock.

The two sisters will fly the Swedish flag with home port Donsö in the Gothenburg archipelago and will be delivered to Preem in the second half of 2026.

“These efficient Sirius Evolution 15K vessels in Preems transport system will make a difference for both the environment and operating economics,” said Jonas Backman, chief executive at Sirius Shipping.

The 15,000 tonnes dwt vessels, with a cargo capacity of 17,500 cubic meters, are equipped with a 2-stroke main engine that can be converted for methanol operation, battery back-up and shore power connection.

As claimed by the company Sirius, these vessels have a calculated Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) of 5.50 against the requirement for EEDI of 8.94, i.e. approximately 39% lower than the regulatory requirement in 2025.

According to Sirius, the advanced cargo handling system makes these ships particularly well suited also for the various renewable raw materials that make up the fuels of today and the future.

Daniel Berndolf, head of the shipping department at Preem, said: “We look forward to taking delivery of the two sister ships, a further result of our long collaboration with Sirius Shipping. Preem has high ambitions to reduce its environmental impact and these two vessels will play an important role in our challenge to reach climate neutrality by 2035.”