The Greek minister of shipping Christos Stylianides had today a workshop with the minister of digital governance Dimitris Papastergiou, and the participation of several parties involved, on strengthening the digital transformation of ministry.

The meeting focused on the planning of large and small-scale projects that will stimulate the digitalization of shipping processes, a choice of strategic importance, both because of the role played by this sector in the country’s development and because of the outstanding issues.

The cooperation between the two Ministries was sealed with the announcement of the first new digital service for seafarers.

Through, seafarers are now able to schedule online appointments at services of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Island Policy.

The aim of the new digital service is to provide faster and better service to seafarers, to decongest services and to save resources and time both ways for seafarers and employees.

The services provided through are, among others, validation of seagoing service on ships flying the Greek flag, registration of seagoing service on foreign-flagged vessels contracted to (N.A.T.) etc.

The platform was designed by the General Secretariat for Information Systems and Digital Governance, following the standards of the respective myDeskLive services, in collaboration with the Maritime Labour Directorate.

It is worth noting that digital appointments operate in many nodal bodies of the state, such as AADE, KEP, DYPA, Consular Authorities of the ministry of foreign affairs, EFKA and the Hellenic Cadastre and more than 521,400 digital appointments have already been scheduled.

Interested parties enter the platform with the Taxisnet codes either through the by selecting in the category “Citizen and Everyday Life” the “Remote service of citizens” and then the “Online appointment request to services of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy”, or directly at

It is noted that digital appointments can also be scheduled by third parties, but the appointment requires the personal presence of the interested party.