Greek Minister: Obligatory onshore power supply to passenger, cruise, containers

The need to attract and encourage every “green” investment initiative in Greek ports and the shore side electricity to ships, was highlighted by the Greek Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Christos Stylianidis as a key priority of the Ministry, speaking on Friday at Pireaus port authority conference.

During his speech, Mr. Stylianides pointed out that “decarbonization and green shipping are the future” and noted that “the faster we adapt, the more decisive and leading role we will have.”

He also pointed out that the green transition in shipping and the major challenges it creates was the first topic that occupied the recent IMO Summit.

At the same time, the big issue of ETS was discussed, but also how Greece will manage the competitive ports. And he added:

“The development of electricity from land, the so-called SSE (Shore Side Electricity), i.e. the supply and powering of docked ships, is a key measure of the “Fitfor 55”.

In this context, the relevant regulation has already been issued so that ships can use, within the port, electricity from land. It is a means of limiting emissions.

Furthermore, the Greek minister also announced that from January 1, 2030, the goal is to have mandatory onshore power supply to passenger ships, cruise ships and container ships, for as long as they are in port.

Therefore, as he said, “a condition is that ports such as the largest in the country, Piraeus, have an OPS (Onshore Power Supply) infrastructure, which brings us all to our responsibilities”.

And the minister concluded: “The port of Piraeus, with the green transition and the other initiatives, will be able to become an additional force for development in the country. I believe that Piraeus has now become a European port of dynamic and key importance for the entire European Union.”

“In the work of the IMO, in this great Assembly of all Member States, I saw the competition that is now being created in the issues of the green transition. Therefore, the better and more methodically we proceed, the more we gain ground to keep our leading role. Greek shipping is a leading player, it must remain a leading player and constantly move up the ranks and influence the entire world scene in these critical issues”.