Bjarke Fyhring Sørensen

Photo credit: Danpilot. Record seapilot Bjarke Fyhring Sørensen.

The Danish state seapilot service Danpilot has revealed in the social media, that the seapilot Bjarke Fyhring Sørensen, has completed an impressive and remarkable milestone for himself but also for Danpilot.

On the night of last Saturday, the seapilot Bjarke Fyhring Sørensen did his pilotage number 7000, and DanPilot have no records showing any previous cases where a seapilot has shown an equally high number of pilotages.

Bjarke do transit pilotages in Denmark straits and harbor pilotages in the port of Esbjerg, among others.

His record number of pilotages has been achieved with good help and efforts from the ports, where the seapilot often assists several ships daily.

The pilotages in the port of Esbjerg alone, as Danpilot notes, correspond to the fact that Bjarke has approximately sailed around the world five times!