Photo credit: Polembros Shipping

Greek ship manager Polembros Shipping will extend its digital toolset with Starlink LEO service, which is provided by the smart network and digital solutions company Marlink.

A Marlink partner for many years, Polembros will include the new LEO service on a trial basis to support crew welfare and remote technology.

Polembros is already a user of Marlink’s hybrid network, including guaranteed throughput VSAT services across its fleet. The deployment of the new service will bring much faster throughput and lower latency to the company’s business and crew communications, enabling the deployment of digital solutions and crew welfare services, in accordance with Marlink.  

“Greek shipping companies are increasingly following a trend towards higher throughput communications, enjoying access to a new family of applications enabled by Starlink’s very low latency global service.

This includes video streaming services, instant data transfer tools and remote access technology for maintenance and compliance,” says Marlink in a statement.

Polembros Shipping has been in existence since 1974, though the shareholders’ family traces its shipping connections back to the 19th century.  The company currently manages a fleet of Aframax and Suezmax tankers, while sister operation Polembros Bulkers manages vessels ranging in size from Handysize to Newcastlemax.

Vasilis Kottas, IT Manager of Polembros Shipping, noted: ”Polembros Shipping and Polembros Bulkers are companies with a reputation built up over many years for dedication to safety and quality; we value innovations like Starlink as a contributor to our performance. Our partnership with Marlink is a factor in our success as a company which delivers the high standard of communications required by our fleet managers and our shipboard teams.”

From his side Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink said “Marlink is proud to help Polembros Shipping take this next step in its journey with new digital services that enable a new generation of applications and tools to support fleet performance and safety. Adding the Starlink LEO service to the Marlink hybrid network is a further strengthening of our valued and longstanding relationship that positions Polembros as a future-focussed company.”