Greek Shipyard Delivers in Record Time Large Panamax Tank

ONEX Group Shipyards set a new record, completing work on the 500th ship entering their facilities.

83% of the ships repaired are Greek-owned, proving the firm trust of Greek shipowners in the ΟΝΕΧ, the domestic shipbuilding industry and of course their contribution to the economic and geostrategic upgrading of the country.

Approximately 500 vessels will complete work in the shipyards by the end of the year, under the management of ONEX Shipyards & Technologies Group, as the company states in a relevant announcement.

From next year the shipyards will be able to repair 160 to 170 ships.

At the same time, the plan of investments, upgrades, maintenance, repairs continue, with the aim of completing it in 2024.

Panos Xenokostas, the chairman and chief executive of ONEX Group, talks to Fortune Greece about the new page written in the “book” of the history of Elefsina Shipyards, which includes total investments of €500 million for upgrading, and modernizing the infrastructure.

This will lead to the transformation of the company into a state-of-the-art shipbuilding hub.

“Those who promoted this situation should explain to us why a country like Greece has not had shipyards for 25 years.”

“We are talking about hundreds of millions that did not exist in Greece during the years of operation of the shipyards. We are talking about hundreds of jobs that would either be lost or transferred to other countries.”

In the defence sector, Panos Xenokostas explained that 100% defence constructions can proceed, “with our own design, implementation and support, which contributes to the country’s self-sufficiency, with all that this implies for its independence.”

Finally, at the heart of the new era of shipyards is the energy upgrade through the servicing of LNG and LPG carriers, as well as the support of floating platforms for offshore wind farms.