Höegh LNG teams up with VTTI to develop Dutch energy terminal

Norway’s Höegh LNG shipowner and operator of FSRU’s has teamed up with energy storage and infrastructure company VTTI to develop and operate Zeeland Energy Terminal, in the Vlissingen port area in the Province of Zeeland, southern Netherlands.

The terminal will be based on a Floating storage regasification unit (FSRU), which in time, plans to transition from import of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) to hydrogen.

The facility will be connected to one of the largest industrial clusters in the Netherlands and to the Dutch and European gas pipeline network and, sequentially, the hydrogen backbone.

It is expected to be in operation in the second half of 2027.

The facility will have an annual throughput capacity of up to 7.5 billion cubic meters, which corresponds to around 25% of the current total average gas consumption in the Netherlands.

As VTTI explains, Zeeland Energy Terminal will contribute to the security and affordability of gas supply for the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, by increasing its natural gas capacity with LNG importation.

“The terminal will improve the affordability and security of the Netherland’s energy supply, while also having the option to transition to energy carriers such as hydrogen and ammonia when timing is right,” said Guy Moeyens, CEO of VTTI at the signing.

The partnership entails a 50-50% joint venture for the LNG import facility which includes an adapted FSRU offering an integrated infrastructure solution, leveraging each of the companies’ strengths.

The project will be developed under a ‘Rijkscöordinatieregeling’, a decision-making process coordinated by the Dutch government for energy projects of national importance.