Assentiri partner

Norwegian maritime lawyer Torgeir Willumsen, a resident partner of law firm Simonsen Vogt Wiig in Singapore, states in a social media post that together with the fellow Norwegians Philip Røer, Henk Weidenfeld and Glenn Edvardsen, have founded the maritime tech company Assentiri with the aim to simplify shipping transactions through the use of digital tools.

Torgeir Willumsen said that “Having worked on hundreds of S&P transactions throughout my career as a maritime lawyer, it has often been frustrating how manual and cumbersome many of the processes involved are.”

“Where other industries such as banking and aviation have made great strides with digitalisation, the maritime industry is still behind, especially when it comes to the professional services playing such an integral and vital role for the industry.”

He states that Assentiri is developing new digital solutions combined with structured work processes to support owners, banks, lawyers and brokers in closing deals in a modern and secure way, with the first product of Assentiri being a managed escrow service delivered through a secure digital platform.