ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) reported that a product tanker was attacked by ten pirates 363 nautical miles south-southwest of Nova Sintra, Cabo Verde on May 17, 2024.

According to the details provided to the IMB, ten pirates armed with AK-47 boarded the tanker underway and took control of the bridge.

The pirates proceeded to restrain the crew by tying their hands and legs.

“All crew muster on the bridge where the pirates tied up their hands and legs,” writes IMB in its report.

Afterwards, the pirates ordered the second and fourth engineers to stop engines and drift with the intention of stealing the cargo and bunkers.

While waiting for the off take vessel the pirates stole crew and ship properties.

The crew was moved into the steering gear room where they were told that there were explosive devices fixed on all doors and that they could only exit after two hours.

However, upon emerging, the crew discovered no traces of either pirates or explosives.

Before escaping, the pirates had damaged communication, internet, navigation equipment and the air control pipes for the main engine and cylinder oil flow valves.

The crew managed to sail the vessel to the next port and no cargo or bunkers were stolen.

The identity of the pirates remains unclear.