Update: In an update on Friday EUNAVFOR confirmed that the 17 crewmembers are safe, and that the ship has been secured by one Atalanta vessel. More information to follow.

The forces of EUNAVFOR Atalanta are responding to the reports of a possible pirate attack currently underway in the Somali basin. Details are still unfolding with later updates and press releases expected to be issued by the European Union naval force Operation Atalanta, on the basis of security operations. 

There are indications that a Liberian-flagged ship is the victim of a piracy attack in the Somali basin.

The European Union’s naval force Operation Atalanta confirmed on Thursday with a statement that there had been a possible pirate attack on the Liberian-flagged merchant vessel BASILISK.

The suspected attack was conducted while the vessel was sailing approximately 380 nautical miles east of Mogadishu, Somalia, heading north.

European Union naval force EUNAVFOR said in a statement that one of its warships in the vicinity “has been the first actor to respond” and “is taking appropriate actions to respond effectively and promptly” to the alert.

The information about the suspected pirate attack will be updated as the operation by Atalanta’s warship progresses.

As it is reported by EUNAVFOR, “this information will be updated in further press releases, on the basis of security operations.”

The confirmation from EUNAVFOR comes after the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) received a report of a merchant vessel being boarded by an unknown number of unauthorised persons from two small craft, 420 nautical miles southeast of Merca, Somalia.

UKMTO didn’t reveal the name of the ship in its statement.