South Carolina Ports officials report significant progress on fluidity, vessel queue and highlight they are taking steps to reduce the frustrations.

They say operational solutions have already helped decrease both wait times and the number of ships waiting.

SC Ports has three ships at anchor today, said the officials on July 1, and this project pause “will quickly and effectively work to further reduce vessel delays.”

Meanwhile, they are temporarily pausing toe wall construction for ocean carrier and cargo owner customers.

SC Ports says it has been working through a ship backlog, following a two-day software issue in May and ongoing berth impacts at Wando Welch Terminal related to toe wall construction along the wharf to maintain a 54-foot berth depth.

Beginning July 3, SC Ports will pause work on the toe wall project to reopen all three berths at Wando Welch Terminal through July 14.

It is reported that this pause in construction will enable SC Ports and the maritime community to work ships faster and work through the remaining anchorage in support of ocean carrier customers and shippers.

SC Ports expects to work ships on arrival by mid-July. As the toe wall construction resumes going into August, a 48-hour average wait is anticipated.

“SC Ports anticipates working three ships simultaneously at Wando Welch Terminal in late fall ahead of the project completion, which is slated for March 2025,” the port noted.

Port officials highlight that the planned reopening of Leatherman Terminal will also soon provide an additional berth for ocean carriers to call at the Port of Charleston.