In Novorossiysk, an alarm siren was turned on due to the danger of an attack by unmanned boats. Local residents were urged not to approach the sea. The Russian defence ministry officially confirmed that its forces destroyed two uncrewed surface vehicles moving towards Novorossiysk in the Black Sea waters.

As it is reported from various Ukrainian media, Mayor Kravchenko explained that the city is repelling the attack of unmanned boats. He asked local residents not to go outside and called for not being in the open space by the sea.

The Mayor urged local residents to “observe safety measures, stay in safe places.”

“In Novorossiysk they are repelling an attack by unmanned boats. Please remain calm, follow safety measures, and stay in safe places. Do not be in open space near the sea,” wrote Andrey Kravchenko on Telegram.

He also reminded that “it is unacceptable to take and post photos/videos, means of protection of the city, the work of special and operational services”.

Residents of Novorossiysk report powerful explosions on social media.

Shipping Telegraph could not independently verify the reports. There were no official comments from Ukraine.