Norway has granted subsidies amounting to around 94.5 million Norwegian kroner to Oslo Port, Sandnes Port, and Røst Municipality to promote more efficient and environmentally friendly ports.

The grant scheme, launched in 2019, is managed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

This is a popular scheme, and the government therefore strengthened the grant scheme through increased allocations last year.

In this round, applications were made for funding for a number of large infrastructure projects.

The Oslo Port is leading a project that supports the digitalization of port data.

This project involves other ports nationwide, including Hammerfest, Hareid, Stranda, Ålesund, Nordfjord, Egersund, Saltdal, Steigen, Karlsøy, and Fjord.

Regarding this initiative, the Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy Marianne Sivertsen Næss said: “The government aims to strengthen the coast and maritime transport. State support for investments in efficient and environmentally friendly ports promotes valuable projects that would otherwise not be realized. Efficient ports are crucial for businesses using maritime transport to deliver goods to markets.”

Through the National Transport Plan 2025-2036, the Norwegian government will review the purpose and structure of the grant scheme to further support the green transformation of maritime transport.

Moreover, it has proposed to allocate NOK 125 million annually during the planning period.

According to the Norwegian government, thanks to this program, port infrastructure, access infrastructure, and dredging can be transformed.

Grants cover up to 80% of eligible costs and the supported port facilities must be publicly accessible.