Dataloy and Mizzen TechIntegration for port cost management

Maritime voyage management system firm Dataloy teams up with port cost management solutions expert Mizzen Digital with the aim to create a more efficient framework for port cost management.

The deal will connect Dataloy’s voyage management software with Mizzen Digital’s port cost management tools, giving users new options to navigate and optimise the financial aspects of their port operations.

Andrea Biasillo, CTO of Dataloy Systems, believes that this “integration no doubt will lead to reduced operating costs and more efficient port cost management for our customers.”

This partnership will include direct, automated transfer of critical operational data between Dataloy VMS and Mizzen Digital, as well as access to in-depth profit and loss analytics for strategic financial planning.

The integration will also provide greater transparency into port expenses, allowing users to identify and capitalise on cost-saving opportunities.

Dataloy explains that by providing a clearer view of financial metrics, companies can optimise their spending and enhance overall profitability.

Capt. Sandeep D’Silva, CEO of Mizzen Digital, said: “In today’s fast-evolving maritime landscape, integration with Dataloy is a response to the growing need for efficiency and innovation.

“This collaboration augments our specialised systems, thereby enriching our service portfolio while empowering organisations to optimise their commercial endeavours, resulting in elevated levels of efficiency and productivity.”