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Mariupol Port Authority in south Ukraine has said that is in talks with several companies which are interested in grain shipment opportunities.

The port of Mariupol in Azov Sea became a fierce battlefield between Russian and Ukrainian forces last year.

”Several companies are considering the possibility of transportation by sea. According to the clients, they are having talks with sea carriers over freight transport”, the Mariupol Port administration press service said, according to DAN Donetsk News Agency

The information on the cargo vessel and shipping route will be available upon conclusion of accords, the press service added.

It’s worth mentioning that in mid April, Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head, Denis Pushilin, said that grain shipments from the Mariupol port would begin within the next few weeks.

The Mariupol port resumed operation in late May 2022 as it dispatched the first vessel with a load of metal products to the Rostov region.  

The seaport is expected to become the key transit point for cargoes needed for rebuilding the region, while it will also be used for exporting DPR products. Last summer, a ferry link with Yeisk was launched.