Photo credit: Port of Valencia

The Spanish Port of Valencia activates an investment of 1,564 million euros for its new container terminal to be located in the inland waters of the breakwater of the Northern Extension of the port.

This will be the fourth container terminal in the Port of Valencia to be build, which will involve a public investment of 542.7 million euros by the port, and an investment of 1,021 million euros by the Italian/Swiss firm TIL (Terminal Investment Limited), a company belonging to the MSC group, to build and operate the container terminal.

The terminal will reduce the CO2 emissions by 98%, as 100% of the electricity will come from renewable sources, and the ships will be connected to the electricity grid during their stay in the port, as it is mentioned by the Spanish port.

This container terminal project will have a surface area of some 137 hectares, and 1,970 metres of berthing line, with a capacity to hold 5 million containers.

As the port notes, “the total employment generated by Valenciaport when the terminal is active, will increase from 38,866 to more than 44,000 jobs, and will create more than 5,000 new jobs in the area around the Port of Valencia, including direct, indirect and induced jobs”.

The project approved will be submitted to the Council of Ministers, since it involves a public investment of more than 12 million euro.

Source: Valencia Port