Boxship Breaks Down in Egypt's Suez Canal and Crashes Into A Bridge

A Singapore-flagged container vessel One Orpheus collided with “El-Mansy” bridge after its steering failure.

The 336 m long 2008-built ship suffered on Wednesday a fault with its rudder during its transit through the canal.

This happened during its transit through the canal amongst vessels of the north-bound convoy on its way from Singapore to the Netherlands.

The ship is 336 meters long, 46 meters wide and has a cargo capacity of 101,000 tons.

The Suez Canal Authority clarified that immediately upon receiving notification of the breaking down of the vessel’s rudder at km 74 (Canal marking) which led to steering failure, the vessels behind it were directed to moor and drop anchor and 4 tugboats were immediately deployed.

The authority has stressed that navigation through the canal was unaffected as a result of this emergency, as vessels heading south transited through their usual course, while north-bound traffic was resumed after redirecting vessels of the south convoy from the New Suez Canal to the original Suez Canal simultaneously with the vessel’s salvage operation.

In accordance with the latest information, the ship One Orpheus is now resuming its transit through the canal normally after the broken down rudder has been repaired and its seaworthiness has been ensured.

In addition to that, the six vessels behind it are also now resuming their journey through the canal.