Response continues to cargo ship carrying lithium-ion batteries

The cargo vessel Genius Star XI which was carrying lithium-ion batteries and caught fire, docked in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that the vessel was permitted to move to the dock on January 30 to streamline logistics and provide a safer environment necessary for the timely completion of ongoing work.

To remind, the coast guard assisted the vessel on fire initially located approximately 225 miles southwest of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. There were no injuries to the 19 crew members aboard the 410-foot cargo vessel Genius Star XI. An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

As it is reported, the duration of the vessel dockside will depend on port operations and competing needs for the dock space.

Genius Star XI relocated to the Unalaska marine center dock 1 and 2, where responders will work to resecure the lithium-ion industrial battery unit cargo that was damaged at the end of December 2023.

The vessel’s crane will be used to load supplies to resecure damaged and dislocated cargo. According to the coast guard, there is no plan to land any cargo from the vessel shoreside in Dutch Harbor.

There have been no reports of abnormal air quality on the ship or in the community since the start of the incident. The CO2 bottles for the vessel’s onboard firefighting system are being replenished, a requirement for the vessel to eventually continue its voyage beyond Dutch Harbor.

Capt. Chris Culpepper, captain of the port, said: “Moving the ship to a pier allows workers a safer and more efficient environment to work and mitigates work delays caused by weather or rough seas.

“Based on the recommendations of several agencies and technical experts we are confident operations can be conducted safely and with no additional risk to the community to expedite preparing the vessel to continue its voyage.”